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What is a website where you can watch free Uncharted 2021 for free?. How do I watch a Uncharted from my laptop on my tv? Mark Wahlberg has been acting for decades and has appeared in blockbusters, but he never made a comic book movie. In the latest issue of Total Movie, Wahlberg said he’s not strictly opposed to the prospect of being in a Marvel or DC movie, but he’s not totally sold on the idea, either.



He told the magazine that he would “depend” on multiple factors, including whether or not Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese was directing. “I do not know. It would depend, and if Marty was directing it, ”he said.

Wahlberg worked with Scorsese on The Departed, which won a Best Picture award and earned Wahlberg an Academy Award nomination. Scorsese caused a sensation when he said that Marvel movies “are not cinema.” The famed Oscar-winning director later clarified his comments as part of an op-ed for The New York Times – and he’s not backing down.

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Scorsese began by stating that he doesn’t hate Marvel, he just doesn’t watch those kinds of superhero movies as “cinema” as he defines them. He said that many franchise films are “made by people of considerable talent and expertise.” He doesn’t watch or enjoy Marvel movies because they don’t personally appeal to his “taste and temperament.”

In the Total Film interview, Wahlberg said that his philosophy with film jobs is to “take one project at a time,” so he couldn’t say for sure at this point if he would like to be in a comic book movie. . He is working on a movie that looks like something out of a comic book, The Six Billion Dollar Man, but Wahlberg said this movie will have “much more foundation.” Inspired by the television show The Six Million Dollar Man, the film follows the story of a man who suffers an accident and is rebuilt with scientifically advanced enhancements that allow him to do “some incredible things.”

“But are you asking if he would have the courage to come out of my trailer in a cape or a disguise?” Wahlberg said. To that question, Wahlberg said he doesn’t know.

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In 2016, Wahlberg spoke more emphatically about his lack of interest in appearing in a comic book movie, at least in a role that involves a cape. “I don’t care what it is, how much I get paid, I’m not going to leave my trailer in a cape,” Wahlberg told Variety.

Wahlberg’s next film is Uncharted, in which he plays Sully alongside Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. The film opens in theaters on February 18, and everyone who purchases Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (which launches January 28 on PS5) gets a free ticket.

A snippet had been leaked, but Sony Interactive Entertainment was quick to react. Nathan Drake comes to the big screen from the hand of Tom Holland, the actor who has played Spider-Man in the most recent Marvel films. Although it has been delayed several times, the Uncharted film continues to take shape and has already released its first official trailer. It doesn’t disappoint, at least when it comes to the elements that appear in the video.

Young Nathan Drake embarks on a journey worthy of a true treasure hunter, but as in the video game saga, the character will soon find himself faced with the harsh reality: getting rich is not so easy when you are chasing objects coveted by powerful people. and dangerous organizations. Real injections of adrenaline await Drake, which are channeled through his moments of action, sudden falls from planes and many other situations, which are already glimpsed in the trailer, which lasts 2:33 minutes (the fragment filtering was only 40 seconds).

The Uncharted movie is not directly based on any of the video games developed by Naughty Dog, although production has been supervised by the North American studio. The project has been developed by Sony Pictures together with PlayStation Productions, in their desire to continue expanding the presence of their intellectual properties.

Tom Holland is accompanied by a cast that includes actors such as Mark Wahlberg (Sully), Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazier) or Tati Grabielle (Braddock), among many others. The direction is in charge of Ruben Fleisher, after several chair changes, while the script is signed by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins. The film will be released on February 11, 2022.

Uncharted does not yet have a confirmed new installment, although there will be a remastering of the fourth installment and The Lost Legacy, which will be available on PS5 and PC.

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