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The movie “Uncharted: Off the Map” released a new action-packed trailer with Tom Holland playing “Nathan Drake.” The film, based on the acclaimed video game saga, will debut in Chile on February 17.

With four spectacular numbered installments, several very notable spin-offs and more than a decade of successes behind it, the Uncharted saga has earned a well-deserved privileged position among PlayStation fans and video game enthusiasts. And that, added to its highly recognizable fusion of action and adventure, makes the expectations for its long-awaited – and long-announced – adaptation to the big screen skyrocket.

Over $ 2 billion in revenue

The weight of the project falls on Tom Holland (Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), who will play a young Nathan Drake. And that is already a claim: throughout the film, fans of the Naughty Dog saga will see in movie theaters how the universe is expanded around one of the greatest icons of the PlayStation brand. To one of the most recognizable treasure hunters in the video game world.

A responsibility that Holland will share with a stellar cast in which the names of Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas stand out, and that part of the challenge of being faithful to the video game saga through the vision behind the cameras of Ruben Fleischer, director of Venom and the two installments of Welcome to Zombieland. Taken together, a selection of ingredients that augurs pure chaos and Made in Hollywood popcorn destruction.

Enough to avoid the chills we feel every time a new film adaptation of our favorite games is announced? For now, in VidaExtra we are going to align and share everything announced to date, which is not little. Starting with the most essential: the day it will hit the billboards.

How to Watch ‘Uncharted’ Online for Free anywhere?

Uncharted will hit theaters in Spain on February 11, 2022, and its international premiere will be on February 18, 2022. There are other exceptional cases, since in Holland its premiere is scheduled for February 10 of that same year.

Taking into account that we are months away from its premiere, it is less and less discarded that the date is postponed again. After all, its original release was set for July 16, 2022, although Sony Pictures decided to adjust its schedule earlier that year.

On the other hand, PlayStation Studios (a seal of the Sony division dedicated to the adaptation of series and movies based on their video games) has signed agreements with Netflix and Disney to broadcast their productions on their respective streaming video services. Although, we have the arrival of Uncharted to Netflix or Disney + after its passage through theaters, it is not ruled out that there is a simultaneous domestic premiere or with little margin.

2022 was undoubtedly one of the years for Spanish cinema shot in the Valencian Community. The cover, Ama, Lucas, El substitute, Las consequences or Espíritu Sagrado … some of the great films were shot in the Spanish Levante and the best thing is that this 2022 promises to do the same but expanding the repertoire to great titles and international stars .

Starting with the strongest, Uncharted is undoubtedly the most striking title shot in the Region, specifically in Jávea. The adventure film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg already advanced its Spanish accent with the presence of Antonio Banderas as a villain and some images of Barcelona in its first preview, but it also had part of its filming in the Alicante municipality.

On the other hand, the series of the Russo brothers after sheltering the Marvel universe (at least for now) also has a Valencian accent. Citadel is the name of the series that Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden star in a story of international spies that will take place in full swing and that has filmed its action scenes in the Palau de Malferit, the Plaza Doctor Collado, the Torres de Serranos and the Ciutat de les Arts.

As for the properly Spanish cinema, several of the great projects of this 2022 have taken place in Valencian lands, among them those of Paco León or María Ripoll and natives such as Roberto Bueso or Vicente Villanueva. The latter has made The Game of the Keys through more than 30 locations in the city of Valencia, as well as in Elche and Ontinyent in his remake of the homonymous Mexican series that will star Fernando Guallar, Eva Ugarte, Miren Ibarguren or María Castro.

The debutant Dora Postigo is the great face of Rainbow, the new film by Paco León in his reimagining of the classic The Wizard of Oz, which will also feature Carmen Maura, Luis Bermejo and Carmen Machi. The latter is also the star of Llenos de gracia, Roberto Bueso’s second film after making his debut in a big way with the inspiring story of teenagers that was The Band.

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What is a website where you can watch free Uncharted 2021 for free?. How do I watch a Uncharted from my laptop on my tv? Mark Wahlberg has been acting for decades and has appeared in blockbusters, but he never made a comic book movie. In the latest issue of Total Movie, Wahlberg said he’s not strictly opposed to the prospect of being in a Marvel or DC movie, but he’s not totally sold on the idea, either.

He told the magazine that he would “depend” on multiple factors, including whether or not Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese was directing. “I do not know. It would depend, and if Marty was directing it, ”he said.

Wahlberg worked with Scorsese on The Departed, which won a Best Picture award and earned Wahlberg an Academy Award nomination. Scorsese caused a sensation when he said that Marvel movies “are not cinema.” The famed Oscar-winning director later clarified his comments as part of an op-ed for The New York Times – and he’s not backing down.

A good Uncharted to watch with a girlfriend?

Scorsese began by stating that he doesn’t hate Marvel, he just doesn’t watch those kinds of superhero movies as “cinema” as he defines them. He said that many franchise films are “made by people of considerable talent and expertise.” He doesn’t watch or enjoy Marvel movies because they don’t personally appeal to his “taste and temperament.”

In the Total Film interview, Wahlberg said that his philosophy with film jobs is to “take one project at a time,” so he couldn’t say for sure at this point if he would like to be in a comic book movie. . He is working on a movie that looks like something out of a comic book, The Six Billion Dollar Man, but Wahlberg said this movie will have “much more foundation.” Inspired by the television show The Six Million Dollar Man, the film follows the story of a man who suffers an accident and is rebuilt with scientifically advanced enhancements that allow him to do “some incredible things.”

“But are you asking if he would have the courage to come out of my trailer in a cape or a disguise?” Wahlberg said. To that question, Wahlberg said he doesn’t know.

where can I watch the Uncharted Seance online?

In 2016, Wahlberg spoke more emphatically about his lack of interest in appearing in a comic book movie, at least in a role that involves a cape. “I don’t care what it is, how much I get paid, I’m not going to leave my trailer in a cape,” Wahlberg told Variety.

Wahlberg’s next film is Uncharted, in which he plays Sully alongside Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. The film opens in theaters on February 18, and everyone who purchases Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (which launches January 28 on PS5) gets a free ticket.

A snippet had been leaked, but Sony Interactive Entertainment was quick to react. Nathan Drake comes to the big screen from the hand of Tom Holland, the actor who has played Spider-Man in the most recent Marvel films. Although it has been delayed several times, the Uncharted film continues to take shape and has already released its first official trailer. It doesn’t disappoint, at least when it comes to the elements that appear in the video.

Young Nathan Drake embarks on a journey worthy of a true treasure hunter, but as in the video game saga, the character will soon find himself faced with the harsh reality: getting rich is not so easy when you are chasing objects coveted by powerful people. and dangerous organizations. Real injections of adrenaline await Drake, which are channeled through his moments of action, sudden falls from planes and many other situations, which are already glimpsed in the trailer, which lasts 2:33 minutes (the fragment filtering was only 40 seconds).

The Uncharted movie is not directly based on any of the video games developed by Naughty Dog, although production has been supervised by the North American studio. The project has been developed by Sony Pictures together with PlayStation Productions, in their desire to continue expanding the presence of their intellectual properties.

Tom Holland is accompanied by a cast that includes actors such as Mark Wahlberg (Sully), Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazier) or Tati Grabielle (Braddock), among many others. The direction is in charge of Ruben Fleisher, after several chair changes, while the script is signed by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins. The film will be released on February 11, 2022.

Uncharted does not yet have a confirmed new installment, although there will be a remastering of the fourth installment and The Lost Legacy, which will be available on PS5 and PC.

Uncharted Online Free

Where do we get good quality to watch Uncharted online? Naughty Dog’s popular exploration and Uncharted adventure full movie video game franchise, Uncharted, finally makes the leap to the big screen and you can join Drake in these new and unfamiliar terrain.

In alliance with Sony Pictures, PlayStation is making official a promotion that will allow you to attend a movie screening at the cinema when purchasing Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on the PlayStation Store.

To participate, you must purchase Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection between December 7, 2021 08:00 a. m. (UTC-6) and on February 3, 2022, 01:59 a.m. m. (UTC-6); Once your purchase is made, you will receive a special code to exchange it for a ticket (individual) to see it in the participating Cinemex Mexico complexes, in a traditional room and valid from Monday to Sunday.

Fortune favors the bold, so don’t miss out on this chance to relive Nathan Drake’s adventures and be a part of his new exploits in cinematic format. Uncharted: Off the Map opens exclusively in theaters on February 10 and stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

How Many End Credits Are in Uncharted?

The films Spider-Man 3 No Way Home and Uncharted, both starring Tom Holland, will arrive on streaming after their passage through theaters. In the case of the latest Spider-Man adventure, it continues to sweep the world box office, being the most watched of 2021 and one of the most successful in history. For its part, the first adaptation of the popular video game franchise created by Sony and Playstation, will hit theaters around the world on February 18. But where to watch Spider-Man 3 No Way Home and Uncharted streaming?

“No Way Home” and “Uncharted” are Sony Pictures movies, so the rights are distributed for streaming differently, beyond that Spider-Man is in association with Marvel and Disney. In addition, there are also different situations in the United States than in Latin America, so it will not be strange to see them on platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix and Starz before on Disney Plus.

Here’s the First “Uncharted” Full Movie Streaming?

“Uncharted” is the first film adaptation of the successful Playstation video game franchise, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, which will hit theaters around the world on February 17th. The film features a cunning and charismatic young man, Nathan Drake (Holland) in his first adventure as a treasure hunter with his resourceful partner Victor Sully Sullivan (Wahlberg).

In an epic action adventure that spans the world, the two embark on a perilous quest for “the greatest treasure ever found” while tracking down the clues that could lead them to Nathan’s long-lost brother.

How to Watch Uncharted

The film “Uncharted” is directed by Ruben Fleischer, with a screenplay written by “Iron Man” duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Tom Holland spoke about the challenges of playing the iconic protagonist of the video game: “As soon as you start worrying about ‘Do I look good in this shot?’, Acting becomes more than just playing a character.”

“I think there are elements of my performance in Uncharted ‘where I fell under that spell of being’ I want to look good now. I want this to be my cool moment ‘. He had to play this very tough and stoic guy, basically being Mark Wahlberg, the actor expressed about his Nathan Drake character.

While about the result of his work he said: “My character is supposed to be a fucking action hero right now! I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know if I made it. But it was an important lesson learned, because sometimes it was less about getting a mark and going through this scene and more about getting a mark and standing like this and seeing my bulging biceps. It was a mistake and it is something I will probably never do again.

Unchartede cast

Developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog, the cast of the film “Uncharted” is comprised, along with Holland and Wahlberg, of Antonio Banderas, Tati Gabrielle, Sophia Taylor Ali, Patricia Meeden and Sarah Petrick.

Watch Uncharted Online Free without Download

Uncharted, How do you watch Uncharted you bought on iTunes on your iPhone? the latest Spider-Man movie Good news for Uncharted fans since we already know the official poster that the film will wear at its premiere on February 18.

The adventure starring Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Sully (Mark Wahlberg) Uncharted full movie continues to prepare us for the moment when the date arrives and surely after the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the promotional events and the rest of the trailers are being shared more frequently.

How to Watch ‘Unchartede’: Is the Marvel Sequel Streaming?

Tom Holland is one of the most popular actors today thanks to his role as Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recent Spider-Man: No Way Home (Spider-Man: No Way Home) has already had its way through the Insomniac Games video game with exclusive costumes based on the film, while Holland fans prepare for the premiere of the adaptation of Uncharted to the big screen.

The actor made the appearance of him during Sony’s press conference at CES 2022, sharing the story of his first contact with the Naughty Dog franchise. As Kotaku has collected, the actor confessed that he did not know the games of the saga until the filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming began.

Is there a Uncharted trailer?

Nathan Drake prepares to make the leap to the big screen. There are still a few weeks left to see actor Tom Holland in the role of the iconic treasure hunter, but that does not prevent the production company from spicing up the atmosphere with the second trailer of the film. The reactions of the players around this new approach have been very diverse, and that shows the difficulties when making a movie based on video games.

As the Slashfilm medium advances, the director of the film Ruben Fleischer has reflected on these complications and has reached one of the main nuclei of the dilemma: “Part of the problem is that they are trying to recreate the games. As the players have had a Such a visceral experience, I don’t think you can compete with that. I wanted to make sure [Uncharted] worked like a movie first. “

Obviously, this carries the risk that players may not be able to feel a connection between the video games and the film, but Fleischer has studied the Uncharted installments to avoid such situations: “We tried to draw inspiration from the games whenever we could, but we also wanted to have pieces originals that weren’t part of video games. I’ve never seen anything like the end of our third act, and I think people are going to be impressed. “

Because, although we have seen promotional posters of the Uncharted movie, its essence lies in the original video games. For this reason, Fleischer has devised a film that pays tribute to the games in several scenes, something that from 3DJuegos we have been able to point out in 15 details of its first trailer. Be that as it may, we will be able to check all this work by going to theaters on February 11, 2022, the film’s premiere day.

In the race to find the greatest treasure in the world, you have to be careful. Find out what happens next in Uncharted Off The Map.

Starring Tom Holland as “Nathan Drake” and Mark Wahlberg as “Sully.”

The film will follow both as they travel the world in search of the “greatest treasure ever found.” Along the way, they come across opportunistic individuals (played by Hispanic actor Antonio Banderas, Tati Gabrielle, and others) looking for the same treasure, but things take an unexpected turn.

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Uncharted hits theaters with Watch Uncharted Online for Free How do you watch Uncharted on movie reel?. Sony Pictures has released the second movie trailer for Uncharted, based on the “best-selling and critically acclaimed” best-selling and critically acclaimed video game franchise of all time.

This new video advance for the film is once again dubbed into Spanish and maintains the February 11, 2022 release date as the story that will tell us about the beginnings of Nathan Drake as a treasure hunter.

Uncharted Budget: How Much Did Uncharted Cost?

In the new trailer for the Uncharted movie we have seen the appearance of Mark Wahlberg as the charismatic Victor, who always had a mustache in games and until now we had not seen it. You can also see new action sequences of the most spectacular.

The Uncharted movie will feature Antonio Banderas as the villain. The Spaniard will be the heir to a family that has been searching for the same treasure as Nathan for generations. Luckily, Nathan will have the help of Sully and Chloe, played by Sophia Ali.

Also featured in the film is Tati Gabrielle, known for her role as a witch in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The film has been directed by Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Welcome to Zombieland), while the script has been in charge of Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins.

What is Uncharted about?

2021 has left audiovisual pieces that are a true marvel, like The Power of the Dog, for example. And he has also given away blockbusters that have swept the box office and that are doing wonderfully well, such as Spider-Man: No Way Home (it could not be another). But now it’s time to look towards 2022 and take stock of the most anticipated films, at least for us.

That is why in this list we are not going to make a list of each and every one of the films that will be released in 2022, but of those that have given us very long teeth and that we wait like May water.

The presentation of the Uncharted

There is Marvel, there are video game adaptations, there are sequels that we have been waiting for years. There is everything here! The list will be ordered according to its release, so it could vary considering that there are a large number of products that are changing their release dates due to COVID-19.

The year kicks off in style with the return of Ghostface in a new installment of the mythical Wes Craven saga, which began in the nineties as the last bullet in the chamber so that the slasher could exist as we know it today.

Uncharted review

The new film, which is the fifth piece of the Scream puzzle and which works almost like a kind of reboot, will feature part of the classic cast (David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox) and will also have new faces that will be the new meat for the Woodsboro Killer. Will this sequel have better luck than the failed Netflix series?

Guillermo del Toro returns to behind the cameras after making the odd production and having already rested his success with The Shape of Water, which provided him with a couple of statuettes at the Oscars.

Where to Watch Uncharted

The Alley of Lost Souls has garnered good early reviews and del Toro is confirmed to be as fit as ever. This break has served to bring a remake of his own, with an excellent fantastic touch that almost borders on terror with Bradley Cooper as the protagonist.

Watch Uncharted Online Free Streaming

Watch Uncharted online free streaming As US is one of the most populous Uncharted online watch countries. There are some Uncharted on the internet. Uncharted full In the movie first, we see Tom Holland in action as Nathan Drake, meeting Sully from Mark Wahlberg. There’s also a cutscene straight out of the games, with Nathan falling out of a plane and trying to get on the load to get back inside.

Sony has released a second trailer, teasing more of the Uncharted movie and even featuring Sully with her iconic mustache. There is also a bit more information about the character of Antonio Banderas, who seems willing to fight with his own family legacy and with Drake.

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is transitioning from one universally loved hero to another with Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, playing a younger version of the character seen in the games. Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg will play seasoned treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan, who acts as Drake’s mentor. Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake in the games, has praised Holland’s performance in the film.

Why aren’t American movies released?

Other key cast members include Truth or Dare’s Sophia Taylor Ali, who plays Chloe Frazer, a fellow treasure hunter who was featured in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and directed the spin-off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The games reveal that Frazer has a romantic past with Drake. Could the movie show us what happened between the two of them?

Antonio Banderas will have a key role in the film, playing the villain. It is unknown if actor Zorro’s character previously appeared in the games, although rumors suggest that he is an original creation for the film.

The main cast is completed by Tati Gabrielle from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, whose character is also unknown. Could she be playing Drake’s eventual wife, journalist Elena Fisher, who is already in a working relationship when Drake’s Fortune begins? It is implied that her documentation of Drake’s treasure-hunting adventures in the games was the beginning of her association. If Elena appears in the Uncharted movie, she probably won’t be until the end.

How to Watch ‘Uncharted’ Online for Free anywhere?

It’s no coincidence that the cast of Uncharted is headed by actors considerably younger than the video game characters they play. The film will be a prequel to the game series, starting before the events of the first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, though not necessarily tied directly to the games (this isn’t canon, in case that sort of thing interests you) , so filmmakers may take this in a different direction at the end of the movie).

An official synopsis for the film has been released. Based on one of the best-selling and critically acclaimed video game series of all time, Uncharted introduces audiences to street smart young man Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and shows off his first treasure hunting adventure with his prankster partner. Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. (Mark Wahlberg) In an action-adventure epic that spans the world, the two embark on a perilous search for the “greatest treasure that has ever been found,” while also tracking down clues that may lead to the lost brother of Nathan.

Holland recently teased what we can expect from the movie. “Uncharted is a movie that I finished last year,” he told Total Film. “This is Mark Wahlberg and me. It is a prequel to the Naughty Dog game series, Uncharted. I play Nathan Drake. Ruben Fleischer is our director and he did an amazing job. I am very happy with that. It’s fun, it’s fun ”, it’s epic. It’s going to be really entertaining. The action sequences are some of the coolest sequences I have ever done. So I’m super excited about it. “

How to Watch Uncharted

He also revealed that he put ‘wood’ on the role and told Total Film: “When we went on set for the first time, I saw Mark Wahlberg [who plays the figure of the mentor Sully], and Mark is huge. He is a unit. He was in good shape, but he was by no means great. ” A few days later, the set was closed due to Covid. “We went home for five months, all I did was eat and train, eat and train, eat and train, to put some wood, so that he doesn’t look like a kid next to Mark.”

Is ‘Uncharted’ Playing In Theaters?

Previously, Holland appeared to be concerned about his performance in the film, admitting to GQ that “there are elements of my performance in Uncharted where I fell under the spell of being ‘I want to look good now’ rather than ‘playing a character’” . He added: “As soon as you start worrying about ‘Do I look good in this take?’ Acting becomes more than just playing a character,” he continues, “I think there are elements of my acting in Uncharted where I fell under the spell being ‘I want to look good now. I want this to be my cool moment. ‘

Stream Uncharted Online Free

Stream Uncharted Online Free Uncharted full online movie will continue stream the legacy of Lara Croft and finally jump from the PlayStation console to theaters. The official trailer was published at the end of October of this year, and has already generated very mixed criticism among fans of the adventures of Nathan Drake. This week, Sony Pictures released the official poster for the film. And if the trailer has already left more than one with a changed foot, the poster has been the last straw. Virtually no one liked the final art of the film.

For many, Uncharted is one of the great releases they hope to see on the big screen next year 2022. According to its director, Ruben Fleischer, the plot of the film will not be an adaptation of any of the video game installments, but will develop a story totally original using the characters we already know from the Naughty Dog franchise.

But as soon as the poster has been published, the criticism has started. In the image we see Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland and his partner Sully, who will be played by Mark Wahlberg. Both have similar clothing and are on the ground in front of a ship that has been smashed – which many comment with laughter that it is the mythical ship from the logo of the illegal download website The Pirate Bay.

When will Uncharted be available on Disney+?

Despite the fact that the poster has a choice of colors and an art direction that in general is reminiscent of the video game, many comment that it looks like a simple sketch made by an amateur. For others, the anger is caused by Holland himself. And it is that many players who have dedicated hours to the Uncharted titles consider that the choice of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is a matter of fashion, and not a correct decision after a serious and well-crafted casting. And to a certain extent, they may be right, since we currently see very similar cases with actors like Timothée Chalamet or Zendaya, who are even in the soup (yes, on their own merits).

However, the best criticism is the one that many make of Mark Wahlberg. There are few users who complain (as a joke, of course) that Sony has had the little shame to leave Nathan Drake in the background in the poster. And, despite Wahlberg’s age, his profile could be adequate to play the protagonist of the adventure.

Possibly most people are right and the poster is not particularly attractive. But that does not mean that the film is not going to be interesting or that Tom Holland is not going to measure up simply because he is younger than the character he plays in video games. Be that as it may, we will get out of doubt very soon, since Uncharted: The Movie will hit theaters on February 11, 2022 in Spain.

The Uncharted movie is about to be released. Having been through many (many) directors, the next video game adaptation will hit theaters this February, with Tom Holland swapping out Spider-Man’s spandex for Nathan Drake’s boots. Joining him will be Mark Wahlberg as Drake’s mentor, Sully. And yes, if he’s excited about the casting, don’t be, because Uncharted appears to be a thrilling swashbuckling adventure that takes inspiration from Indiana Jones and more.

Below we have everything you need to know about Uncharted, who’s who in the cast, as well as a rundown of all the plot details and even some exclusive quotes from protagonist Holland. We also have a ton of official footage, a trailer breakdown, giving us our first proper look at the movie, a new clip, along with all the details on Uncharted’s difficult road to release. So for all that and more, read on to find out everything we know so far about the Uncharted movie.

Will Uncharted Be On HBO MAX?

The first release date for the Uncharted movie was 2016; Suffice it to say, it was delayed several times. The film now has a final resting place on February 18, 2022.

The movie is also coming to Netflix. Thanks to a new deal, Netflix has the exclusive rights to stream Sony’s theatrical releases, which include Uncharted, Venom 2 and Morbius. However, these movies will not be on Netflix at the same time they are in theaters, but will arrive on the platform within a period of two years after their theatrical release.

Watch Free Uncharted Online

watch free Uncharted online According to the writers of Uncharted, the movie’s plot was originally very Uncharted full movie different and did not include the Multiverse, among other things. Little remains for the most adventurous thieves to debut on the big screen. No, we are not talking about Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, but about Nathan Drake himself and his mentor, Victor Sullivan.

They both star in the Uncharted movie, which was just shown through an official poster. The duo appears on a rocky framework, while in the background the worn masts of two old ships, presumably pirates, are outlined (the peculiar flag of the buccaneers is not appreciated).

Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions are the companies in charge of shaping this project, which has suffered from scheduling problems throughout all these years.

Of course, the COVID-19 crisis has also contributed to delaying the plans, although the filming has been completed successfully and everything is ready for its premiere in theaters. If there is no last minute change, the film will debut on February 11, 2022.

The Uncharted film, directed by Ruben Fleisher and written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins, stars Tom Holland, who will be accompanied by Mark Wahlberg (Sully), Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazier) or Tati Grabielle ( Braddock), among others.

2022 will also be the time for Uncharted: Legacy of the Thieves Collection, the remastering for PS5 and PC of the fourth installment and The Lost Legacy. It will be released on January 28 on console and later on compatible.

Uncharted: The Movie is not directly based on the games. Tom Holland is the actor chosen to play Nate, a character known for his ability to get into trouble, although in his favor we will say that he is also capable of wiping out death thanks to his dexterity with weapons. This ability is combined with his special sense of sniffing for treasures, which lead him to all kinds of wonderful worlds that had been buried by time.

The more time passes, the closer the release date of Uncharted is. The franchise created by Naughty Dog has conquered millions of players on PS3 and PS4, so its arrival in the big screen format aims very high.

We could already enjoy the first look at the footage a few months ago, and now Sony has just offered us a new trailer that reviews several scenes but brings many new ones. Tom Holland will play the protagonist Nathan Drake, while Mark Whalberg will be his partner and robbery mentor, Victor Sullivan.

We can also see Antonio Banderas again as the main villain, while the action of the film seems to be up to the task. One of the most impressive moments happens when we see two helicopters lift the pirate ships, leading to an incredible mid-air fight.

On the other hand, the last seconds remind us of the first meeting between Nate and Sully in Uncharted 3, with Mark Whalberg wearing the character’s characteristic mustache for the first time. All doubts will be resolved from February 11 in theaters. On the other hand, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is scheduled to arrive on PS5 and PC next year.

Nathan Drake is not concerned with getting gunned down anywhere, whether on land, sea or air. Fans of the treasure hunter may remember a sequence from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in which Nate would shoot in a plane and end up hanging and on the verge of falling into the void. The Uncharted movie reproduces that moment and captures it in a scene that Sony Pictures has shared in advance. Do you want to see it? Take a look on these lines.

In the scene, the character played by Tom Holland, Nathan Drake, tries to hold on as best he can, but the air drags him down and ends up as in the video game: just one step away from being fired and succumbing to an unflattering fate. As an adventurer that he is, the thief knows it all and uses his abilities to move from one charge to another, all bearing in mind that he is out there, a misstep and game over.

Years have passed since the big screen adaptation of Uncharted was announced. Several directors have abandoned the project, which was finally filmed and ran into an unexpected problem: the coronavirus pandemic. Although COVID-19 is still with us, everything seems to indicate that there will be no further delays. In the same video that Sony has just shared, it is recalled that the feature film will debut in theaters on February 18.

The one that will not arrive in time is Morbius, from Sony Pictures in collaboration with Marvel Studios. The production company recently announced that the premiere goes from January to April 2022.

Uncharted in video games continues in the form of remastering: Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection includes the fourth installment and The Lost Legacy: It comes out January 28 on PS5 and later on PC.

Uncharted Full Movie Watch Online Free Streaming

Uncharted Full Movie: How to Watch Uncharted Full Movie Free Online Stream & Download On Your PC, Enjoy Uncharted (2022) Full Movie From the USA, UK, Canada And Worldwide. Uncharted Streaming On Any Device as Desktop, Laptop, scratch pad, tab, propelled cell phone, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple, Roku And all others.

Nathan Drake and Sully will be the main characters of the jump from Uncharted to the big screen. It is scheduled to premiere on February 11, 2022.

Watch Uncharted (2022) Full Movie

Uncharted shares a new action-packed trailer. The film based on the popular video game license is scheduled to premiere on February 11, 2022. Meanwhile, users can get a preview of some of the scenes that await them upon arrival. Adrenaline and a sense of adventure will not be lacking in Nathan Drake’s first foray into cinema. You can see the video at the top of the news.

“Based on the best-selling and critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive video game franchise of all time, Uncharted introduces us to a young, cunning and charismatic Nathan Drake on his first adventure as a treasure hunter with his resourceful partner Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. ”, Shares Sony Pictures Spain in its official description. In an epic action adventure that spans the world, the two embark on a perilous quest for ‘the greatest treasure ever found’ as they trace the clues that could lead them to Nathan’s long-lost brother. weather”.

The feature film will be directed by filmmaker Ruben Fleischer, known for his work on Zombieland: Kill and Finish, Venom and Gangster Squad. The script will feature the pens of Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins.

Few interpreters have confirmed his appearance in the film. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg headline the bill, who will take on the roles of Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, respectively. They will be followed by Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazier), Tati Grabielle (Braddock) and an Antonio Banderas always ready to contribute his veterancy on the tables.

On the video game side, the horizon of the franchise is unknown. What we do know is that fans have a date in 2022 with the last two installments. Both the fourth installment and The Lost Legacy will arrive in the form of a remastered collection on PS5.

The Uncharted movie is the last video game movie in development, and with its first trailer and official release date we bring you everything we know about it so far.

The Uncharted movie has been in development with its pluses and minuses for 10 years. In recent years, the iconic video game movie has received massive changes several times. It was even rumored that the feature film would never be released.

But now Sony is putting the machine on full blast and Tom Holland will be the main face of the film. For this reason, and so that you do not miss anything, we collect all the details of the Uncharted movie.

The first trailer of the film caused a whole revolution by a cameo more than known in it. In it we can see Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg giving life to the characters of Nathan Drake and Sully respectively.

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In the Uncharted trailer we can see how Nathan becomes Sully’s protégé and joins him in his search for an ancient treasure. Also, Sam, Nathan’s brother, also enters the scene leaving Nate “a final clue” that could lead him in the right direction. Likewise, iconic actor Antonio Banderas appears in the trailer as the villain seeking the same treasure as Nate and Sully.

Despite the fact that the trailer is quite short, it teaches us that the film will be very similar to what we have experienced in video games. Both Nathan and Sully will go on quite dangerous missions to save the treasures from the bad guys.

As we have said before, Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake while Mark Whalberg will play Sully, Nathan’s mentor. However, this was not always the case since at first Whalberg would be the one who would give life to the protagonist.

Also, due to the age of both actors, a lot of people think that Uncharted will be a prequel to the first game Uncharted: Drake’s Treasure. Likewise, it seems that it will pick up many of the plots that we have seen in the franchise.

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